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Work Hard-Have Fun

Building a Tradition On Ice

Here at Minnesota Metal your child's development is the pinnicle of our focus. We have some of the most experienced coaches and specialists in the metro areas working with our players.  Our philosophy is to hire highly qualified coaches who can focus their attention on just one team, ensuring that every player who puts on a Metal jersey is getting the absolute best coaching. Our practices are high tempo and high energy. If your idea of playing hockey is standing in line watching others skate this might not be the program for you. If you're looking to be pushed to a new level and excel like never before we're excited to have you!

What you won't see at Minnesota Metal

Often ice is completely wasted at youth practices. Kids stand in line...go for 7 seconds, then wait for 2 minutes and do anything. Not the case at Minnesota Metal. We pride ourselves on our ability to run high tempo practices where kids are constantly engaged and moving. Our philosophy is simple: Keep the kids engaged through hard competitive drills and have fun. Your son or daughter will be pushed to the limit every practice by our coaching staff. 

Small Area Fun

At Minnesota Metal we believe in small area games for our youngest skaters. Why?It’s important to consider, first, that it’s not really a revolutionary concept. Baseball, tennis, soccer and basketball – along with nearly every elementary school – scales its competition and learning environment to provide an optimal fit for children. It’s a basic tenet of child development.

As it relates directly to hockey, creating an age-appropriate playing surface for our players is beneficial in a number of ways.

By competing on a smaller ice surface, Minnesota Metal Mites get to play a real hockey game that parallels what they will experience at older ages and more advanced levels of hockey, as opposed to games that more closely resemble a series of breakaways. On smaller surfaces, physical contact is increased, repetition of the most important skating and puck control skills are increased and the environment is better suited to the cognitive development of the players. All of this creates a better, more efficient learning and skill-development environment.